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Providing relevant and established contemporary dance training designed to progress strength, coordination and develop creativity and artistry.​

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Ignite's Contemporary Curriculum

Designed to develop artistic knowledge and a comprehensive intelligence of movement to assist students to adapt to the artistic changes within contemporary choreography. In developing these skills, our students are confidently resilient and dynamic dancers and individuals.

Outstanding contemporary dancers excel technically, musically, creatively and performatively.

Our curriculum develops dancers':

  • Adaptability

  • Critical thinking

  • Communication

  • Reflection

  • Teamwork

  • Problem-solving

Technique Program

Based upon the traditional Cunningham, Graham and Limón techniques and incorporating more recent release styles, honing in on the strength and clarity of skillsets.

Creative Program

Classes develop skills in improvisation and choreography, assisting the dancer's discovery of their unique style of movement.

Private Coaching

Private coaching is available for all students and is an opportunity to invest in a dancer's personal growth and artistic development. Students and teachers will engage in developing personalised goals and develop a program customised to the dancer.

  • Solo choreography and coaching

  • Examination and audition preparation

  • Injury rehabilitation

  • Technical training